bussion JANUARY 2016


Bussion allows you to make detailed analysis by defining scenarios working on different dashboards. New feature to be released within this month is dynamic dashboards. Now it is possible to make drilldown on each and every widget. Thus you can see the details and the answers to each of your questions.

Picture 1 is the starting dashboard where you can see widgets giving general info of a customer. It’s a Sales Insight. If you wanna customer or regional based drilldowns you have to click related widget to start drilldown.

Drilldown Picture 1

Picture 1 - Starting Dashboard

In this sample on widget showing ‘Customer number per segment’ we click on the pie showing Consumer to see how much profit obtained from this segment Bussion automatically guides us to Profit Analysis dashboard.

Drilldown Picture 2

Picture 2 - Profit Analysis Dashboard

In Picture 2 Profit Analysis dashboard shows automatically Consumer type customer segment data. From here if you wish you can drilldown to other dashboards and keep analyzing. Let’s continue. In “Priority based Average Profit” widget if we click on the Critical order column we will have a new dahsboar (below Picture 3) and this time Bussion will show us data filtered for Critical.

Drilldown Picture 3

Picture 3 - Critical Orders Distribution

Dynamic transitions through dashboards and Drilldowns without any configuration required will help users to enlighten their questions. You can go to the source of the anomalies you realized while surfing among the dashboards and take actions either to recover or prevent.

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