bussion FEBRUARY 2016


Bussion as a data visualisation and analytics platform, enables users to collect different type of data from different resources and consolidate them all in easy to use dashboards.

There are 3 different way for data transfer,

  1. Bussion Connector
  2. Bussion API
  3. By End User through Import Wizard

Bussion’s API is ths subject for another article. For Bussion integrations with your applications and sending data directly to Bussion, API facilitates

One of the most important components of Bussion is Bussion Connector. Bussion Connector is installed nearby the Data Sources to be connected to Bussion, and sends regularly batch or incremental data to Bussion. It is possible to connect to Databases, Excel, Text fies, SNMP, WMI, SNMP, SSH etc via connectors. From Console you can reach connector settings and operational status info, run defined tasks as a service on background or as deamon. With this source data is continuously updates and Dahsboards and Widgets reflects actual situation.

Connector Picture 1

Picture 1 - Bussion Connector Screen

If data to be attracted directly from data source query can be written on Bussion Connector or you can use your already written querry on the Connector. Bussion doesn’t need a previously prepared scheme or model. Once connector starts required data including its types automatically created on Bussion.

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