bussion FEBRUARY 2016


Reporting is one of the crucial steps in a software project. To be able to see the results and usages of the specially designed software and to be able to share these results is as important as the software itself.

Reporting is in most software project is done at the end. Generally we think like ‘Lets finish this first and later on we surely do reporting.’ Based on that approach in most cases, reporting ends either long after the termin or becomes too problematic. And the result is far more different from the one planned (mostly with poor functionality).

A reporting module that has been designed as a part of the main code increases the complexity of the software. So how easier it seems implementation of reporting may become too problematic.

In order to avoid the problems mentioned above and to create software integrated reporting funtions, Embedded Reporting is being used since long. Especially in certain parts of the main software, if it is required to display reports and even required to be changed according to endusers equirements, usage of embedded reporting tools prevents delays of the project and ensures reporting feautres meets the requirements of the customer. It’s also good for the team concentrate and efficient use of time.

You can show the Dashboards and widgets created through Bussion within your own software and in case of need you can quickly add reporting feature to your software.

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