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In this case our target is to get the data and the metrics on Oracle DB and show them as realtime dashboards on Bussion Analytics.

Bussion Analytics’ one of the preferred usage is as a consolidated NOC (Network Operations Center). Bussion Analytics gathers all the data about management softwares thus reporting and analyzing is possible on a single point. It is known that especially for IT Services Management lots of products of different suppliers are being used. You can use Bussion Analytics as an umbrella to gather all thes products quickly, easily and effectively. Thus metrics from different sources can be gathered, related and it will be easier to see&show the relation among them. For ex: A query send to Oracle – How much CPU & Disc used? How much Network Traffic caused? How long the query lasted? If that query affected other apps on Oracle? etc. Such parameters can be observed on the same time scale give us serious info about identifying problems.

For Oracle use case we prepared 2 dashboards. ORACLE OPERATIONS and ORACLE PERFORMANCE;

ORACLE OPERATIONS shows general metrics. Total Queries Scheme based queries, Group based queries etc. Thus is will be possible to see scheme or DB based queries numbers or contents in realtime.

Oracle Metric Picture 1

Picture 1 – Dashboard View of Oracle Operations

Oracle Metric Picture 2

Picture 2 – View of Active Queries on Oracle

From any widget on Dashboards you can go on details to see what are the queries running on Oracle. In pic2 you can see Scheme based running queries.

ORACLE PERFORMANCE dashboard contains detailed information on metrics and queries like;

  • CPU usage by schema
  • SQL queries that runs slow
  • SQL queries that uses the CPU most
  • Disk access by schema
  • Trends by time

All transactions and effects of these transactions can be monitored and managed real time or in a given time period via Bussion Analytics with the live dashboards.

Oracle Metric Picture 3

Picture 3 – ORACLE PERFORMANCE Dashboard view

With Bussion Analytics manage all of your operations from one screen by combining data from different sources like IT Operations, Software Performances, Software Development, Test, Network, Trouble Tickets, etc.

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